Healthy Read Across America Snack Ideas

I'm not going to lie. Around comes "Read Across America" week and I can feel the inner kindergarten teacher in me being channeled through my mom.

She taught kindergarten for 35 years and always had too much fun coming up with ideas, including for anything related to Dr. Suess and early literary. That was even before Pinterest!

Now with Pinterest is as popular as it is, there are an irresistable number of cute ideas for Read Across America snacks too. Many of these are sugar-filled and candy-coated though, so I have provided a list of options you can include at home or with preschools and play groups to celebrate next week! With seven of my favorites shared below, you could try a new one each day of the week and work your way through many of Dr. Suess's classics with your kids.


Healthy Read Across America Snack Ideas

Green Eggs and Ham

Crack your eggs into a blender and add a handful or two of fresh spinach (suggested 1/2 cup spinach per 4 whole eggs). Turn your blender on until the spinach is all mixed in. Transfer to a saute pan to make scrambled eggs, adding in chopped up ham for a festive addition!

Cat in the Hat Kabobs

On a short kabob stick (I find the perfect 6" ones at Hobby Lobby), layer banana slices with strawberry circles. Put the top half (the pointy end) of a strawberry on top!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

With a single bag of multi-colored Goldfish crackers and the book, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" you can keep a lot of kids satisfied! Serve up in individual cellophane bags with this darling ribbon (as shown here), or just put a few bags in a big fish bowl using a fish catcher (as a spoon) for self-serving (as shown here).

Cat in the Hat Cheese Sticks

Take a black and a red sharpie, then sketch out a Cat in the Hat on a cheese stick. If the front side of the wrapper has a label on it, just flip it over to make it look like this on the backside.

Hop on Pop Microwave Popcorn

Use this microwave popcorn recipe to enjoy alongside another Dr. Suess classic. This makes an awesome, whole-grain snack time activity in under three minutes! Put in cute little paper bowls with a DIY label like this is serving at school.

Lorax Oranges

How cute are these?! Simply cut a Lorax-looking mustache out of yellow/orange cardstock or felt, then glue on a satsuma along with googly eyes. If you are really ambitious, add some eyebrows (using the same cardstock/felt) and a small orange pom pom nose too!

Apples on Top Snack Stack

Get 10 small apples and let your kids do this fun stacking activity. When you are all done, wash them off and enjoy! The smaller variety of "lunchbox" apples (that usually sell per piece versus per pound) are the perfect size for little hands, smaller appetites, and more successful stacking.


I am pretty excited to start introducing our girls to more Dr. Suess books this week, especially with these fun snack ideas.

Which Dr. Suess book is your family's favorite? I'd love to hear in the comments below.