The Role of Nutrition in Child Development  

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This mom shares:

I don’t know what to do about my son. He eats literally the same few things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day but that’s it. I used to try to feed him  what I was making for the rest of us, but he always refused. When he was 18 months old and small for his age, the pediatrician told me, “just get the calories in him...I don’t care if it’s with ice cream!” Ever since, I haven’t wanted to fight with him for each bite and just give him what I know he’ll eat so he gets the calories. But I am exhausted making separate meals and concerned over the quality of foods he chooses. I assumed as he  got older, things would be better. But it’s only gotten worse. His diet continues to be limited and he remains behind on his growth curve.

What do I do?

This week, I have partnered with Healthy Height to share with you the science, strategies, and solutions to helping nourish the growing child. I highlight how common this parent’s struggle is with nourishing a growing child, as well as some of the factors perpetuating such a problem. I also discuss some of the science behind how nutrition impacts growth in children and how not all calories nourish growing bodies the same. Then, I walk you through solutions for how to effectively nourish your growing child through healthier foods and feeding behaviors. To read more, visit the Healthy Height blog here.