Pediatric Nutrition Resources

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I get lots of questions about what my favorite resources are for pediatric nutrition and picky eating, as well as my favorite cookbooks for families. That's why today I am sharing a bit more on both of these!

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My Favorite Resources for Pediatric Nutrition

As a pediatric dietitian, I am constantly reading through books, research articles, and other credible publications for up-to-date nutrition information. I find tremendous value in learning from others in my field and the expertise they offer. While I share a lot of this insight and advice directly with my one-on-one and group coaching clients, I know there are many parents who prefer to read and digest information on their own and to have these resources available in print to reference more often.

That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite other resources with you in the realm of pediatric nutrition and picky eating.

You can find both an updated list on my amazon shop under, "Pediatric Nutrition Resources.”

First Bites Cookbook

Additionally, I wanted to tell you all about my friend Leigh Ann's cookbook, "Natural Baby & Toddler Treats.” I have included this cookbook (and the first edition of it) on my Amazon shop as well.

If you follow Leigh Ann on social media, you know her food photography in general is beautiful. But more than that, I love how she has created kid-friendly recipes that look and taste good enough for the whole family to eat. We are eager to try many of these recipes ourselves in the newest edition of this cookbook, especially as we continue introducing Owen to new foods. I know you will find enjoyable recipes in it too!

Here is an exclusive sneak peek into, “Natural baby & toddler treats,” from Leigh Ann herself!

Hi guys! I’m Leigh Ann from My Diary of Us and I am so excited to be guest posting today on Veggies & Virtue today to tell you all about my new cookbook, Natural Baby and Toddler Treats! I wrote this book at the time when my own son started eating solids and I felt so passionate about him getting the best nutrition from real food and wanted to share my passion with other parents too. I wanted to take the complication and stress out of it all (because let’s face it, it all can be very overwhelming) so that it could be a joyful experience that you and your babe to experience together!

My cookbook will show you how to take your baby on a journey of learning to love healthy food right from the start! My hope is that by exposing your child early to real food that is nourishing to their bodies, that you will end up with a child that is an adventurous and healthy eater for the rest of their lives! I have always been a foodie and when I was pregnant with my son I immediately knew that I couldn’t wait to introduce him to so many amazing flavors that would expand his palate.

Because I wrote this book at a time where life was busy and I was focused on my son’s eating more than my own, I decided to write a chapter just for us mamas with my favorite easy recipes to include in the book as well! As mamas we tend to put ourselves on the back burner when life gets a little hectic, and in reality it’s during these times more than ever that we need to keep ourselves nourished and healthy!

With this second edition of my book, I also wrote a new chapter with lunch box and snack ideas to get you out of your lunch box packing rut! Recipes like veggie loaded sloppy joes, short cut pork pot stickers, and healthy sweet potato brownie cookies, will add variety to your lunch game and they also double as freezer friendly recipes, great dinners, and snacks for the whole family!

My goal for you is that you will feel confident in the food that you are feeding your family as you work your way through this cookbook! All of my recipes are all family friendly, and not specific to babies and toddlers. They just so happen to be some of my favorite recipes that I made and still make for my son (and me and my hubby)!

I hope you will enjoy this book and feel the love that I put into the food as you cook in your own kitchen!

Spoonfuls of love.

Leigh Ann

I am thankful to be an online resource for you and your families. I hope the resources shared here also help to connect you with a few new options in print as well!