My 50 Favorite Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

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With three kids five and under to play Easter bunny with this year, I am all for coming up with ways to fill their Easter baskets without excessive amounts of candy, sugar-coated treats, or the ever-so-processed Peeps. I get the novelty of each of these items, but I know I can also jack my kids up about Easter without needing tons of added sugar.

I recognize that particularly with my oldest, she is more aware of the outside world and all the sugar that comes with it. As kids get older, it is normal for boxes of raisins to not be as exciting as well, just about anything that is branded for Easter. So my goal here is not to give the impression that all candy is bad or should be entirely avoided. This can create a bigger problem with preoccupation for such sweets and treats as highlighted in my past post, How to Handle Halloween Candy here.

My goal here is to share some ideas that are more creative than candy alone. I want to help spur on some fun, engaging, enjoyable alternatives to candy so that you can add them to whichever other items you and your family choose to include in Easter baskets.

For my family, we usually opt to add in a few candy items that I know my girls are into or would find fun. These are super exciting the day of and then quickly get forgotten about in the pantry. But the perception is that they are a part of the holiday - not forbidden but also not on the forefront.

I hope this post will help you and your family to find a balance that fits for you!

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50 of My Favorite Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

In this post, I share some non-candy Easter basket fillers that are easily available, cost effective, age appropriate, and items you would actually want lingering around the house from Spring through Summer.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: To Eat

Stock up on some fun packaged snacks that you maybe don’t otherwise buy each week. Add a few in for some fun favorites!

  1. Packaged Snacks

  2. Applesauce pouches

  3. Carrot-shaped cellophane bags with Annie's Homegrown “Easter bunny” crackers

  4. Freeze-Dried Fruit

  5. Fruit Snacks

  6. Dried fruit

  7. Fruit Leathers

  8. Nourish Snack Bags

  9. Good 2 Grow Apple Juice with fun topper

  10. Vitamins

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: To Eat With

I am all for using holidays to help restock everyday essentials, so this is a great time to buy new or replace old items used to eat and drink with!

  1. New plates or colorful dishes

  2. Reusable bags (these fit inside of larger plastic Easter Eggs too!) Use discount code VEGGIESVIRTUE15 for 15% off any sized Bumkins order

  3. Dylbug personalized plates Use discount code VEGGIESANDVIRTUE for 10% off

  4. Lunchbox Love lunchbox notes for kids

  5. Fun food picks or other novelty items

  6. Kid-safe knives

  7. A new water bottle

  8. New smoothie cups for spring with silicone straws

  9. Cookie cutters

  10. Kid-sized Popsicle Molds

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: To Create With

  1. Playdough Kits

  2. Kid's Kitchen Tools

  3. Educational Items, like these fun “sprinkle letters”

  4. Kwik Paint Sticks

  5. Do-a-Dot

  6. Garden and Sand Tools

  7. Kinetic Sand

  8. New Markers

  9. Activity Books

  10. Sidewalk Chalk (how cute are these and these?)

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: To Wear

  1. Bibs Use discount code VEGGIES10 for 10% off smocks for infants and bigger kids

  2. Kid's Cooking Apron

  3. Bunny apron

  4. Bunny PJs

  5. Sandals or Pool Sandals

  6. Hoodie swim towel

  7. Personalized beach towel

  8. Sunglasses

  9. Hair accessories (headbands, bows, clips, hair ties, or hats)

  10. Swim goggles

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas: To Play With

  1. Bubbles

  2. Bath Toys or Foam Letters

  3. Pool Toys

  4. Wind-up Toys

  5. Sticker Books

  6. Activity Books

  7. Water beads

  8. Water balloons

  9. Board books

  10. Kite


Want something to help celebrate the true reason for Easter?

"He told them, 'This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations,beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.'"  Luke 24:46-48