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Less Meal Time Stress and
More Feeding Success

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Wondering the basics of how to raise a healthy eater? start here.

The basis that I approach counseling my clients in and feeding my own family with is the Division of Responsibility in feeding.

This approach, coined by gifted registered dietitian and feeding therapist Ellyn Satter, has been both well researched and repeatedly documented as the gold standard approach for raising healthy eaters.

Too often, however, families don’t understand where to even start with this approach. Some may create an adaptation of the Division of Responsibility in feeding with their current feeding approach and wonder why it is unsuccessful. Others face too much doubt in how this approach will actually work when their child seemingly isn’t eating “enough” when given the option. These are normal and understandable responses, but neither achieves our goal as parents (in the feeding relationship) to:

Less meal time stress and more feeding success.

That’s why I have summarized some of the best ways you can start familiarizing yourself with this evidenced-based approach and ultimately take action.

As you click through the links below, feel free to contact me as well when questions arise. I would love to better understand your needs, issues, and concerns, so that I can continue creating content and resources to serve you and your children better.

here is how to get started:

  • To learn the basics on what the Division of Responsibility in Feeding is, click here.

  • To read all about different food parenting styles and best practice approaches for feeding behaviors to use (or avoid) with your family, click here.

  • To start establishing the Division of Responsibility in Feeding with your family, click here.

  • To download a free checklist to use while practicing the Division of Responsibility in Feeding, click here.

  • To check out more trusted resources on pediatric feeding, including books by Ellyn Satter, click here (affiliate link).

Struggling with a picky eater? start here.

Based on the Division of Responsibility in Feeding (shared above), I help families empower their apprehensive eaters to become more adventurous ones. With a simple system to helping your child enjoy known favorites alongside nutrient-dense, new foods, I show parents how to not get stuck in a rut but rather patiently yet proactively pursue newfound success in feeding.

this is where the Love it, Like it, Learning it™ Framework comes in.

Known by both parents and feeding experts alike as a transformational way to tackle picky eating, the Love it, Like it, Learning it™ framework can help you you maintain a Division of Responsibility with a simple, stress-free approach to the never-ending dilemma of “what to offer.” If your child has a limited list of foods they will eat, consider reading the links below or signing up for some of the free- or paid-services to help them eat more (allowing YOU to stress less)!

Here is how you can get started:

  • Read through the Beginner’s Guide to Love it, Like it, Learning it
    With all the FAQs for this framework plus a free download worksheet, this is a simple option to help you gain better understanding about this approach without spending a thing.

  • Understand Why it’s Important to Offer Preferred and Non-Preferred Foods Together
    Not sure about the Love it, Like it, Learning it Framework? Read more about why this approach helps achieve less meal time stress and more feeding success.

  • Join the next FREE 5-day Love it, Like it, Learning it™ Challenge
    Never made your own Love it, Like it, Learning it™ list? Now is your time. Join the thousands of families that use this framework to find less meal time stress and more feeding success.

  • Download the Starter Kit
    Ready to start using the Love it, Like it, Learning it framework with your family? This is your straight-forward starter kit with all the tools, tips, and templates you need to begin using this approach in your everyday life.

  • Enroll in 6-week Group Coaching Program
    Join other parents who are applying the Love it, Like it, Learning it framework to a variety of meals. You will receive one email per week with a new meal idea, suggestions for recipe modifications, relevant advice for establishing the Division of Responsibility with your family, plus sample scripts for how to handle the most common feeding challenges that come up with this feeding framework.

  • Order Seasonal Meal Plan
    Ready to start making ONE meal for the WHOLE family? Take the guesswork out of meal planning with my 4-week seasonal rotations. This will give you family-friendly inspiration for well-rounded meals that include a main entree, vegetable, and side. You can easily start to practice the Love it, Like it, Learning it Framework with these meals and swap out preferred and non-preferred options as needed. This instant download gives you a complete and blank monthly meal template, plus recipe links for all the meals I offer over the course of a month. With this, you won’t have to think about what to make again until the next season (when a new, seasonal meal plan will be offered!).

  • Book a one-on-one Consultation
    Want personalized attention? Get customized advice that is tailored to your unique child and situation with my one-on-one consulting packages. Each of these packages offer you my personalized attention and advice to help you best address the areas your family needs the most help with. 

Unsure about introducing solids? Start here.

Introducing solids to your infant can be an intimidating process, especially if/when it’s your first time. You can ease your nerves and accelerate your child’s introduction to safe, nutrient-rich foods though with some information that better equips you.


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