Staples for Stocking a Healthy Refrigerator


If you open up my refrigerator on any given week, you can expect to see these staples in there just about Every. Single. Week. I'm not sure if it is sad and a good visual when grocery shopping for these staples, but I know these items on the shelves so well I could literally walk you through where each one sits on every shelf. Dairy

  • Organic whole milk (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic fat-free milk (Trader Joe's)
  • Almond milk, plain and unsweetened (Costco)
  • Organic whole milk yogurt, plain (Trader Joe's)
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt, plain (Costco)
  • Individual yogurt containers, low-sugar (Costco or Siggi's from another grocery store, if visiting)
  • A block of sharp cheddar cheese (Costco)
  • Cheese sticks and/or Babybel cheese rounds (Costco)
  • Sliced cheese for sandwiches (Costco)
  • Reduced-fat cream cheese (Trader Joe's)
  • Parmesan cheese (Costco)
  • Feta cheese (Costco)
  • Light, all-natural sour cream (Trader Joe's)
  • Real butter (Costco)


  • Leafy greens: spinach, kale, and spring mix are our go to (Costco)
  • Organic carrots (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic celery (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic bell peppers (Trader Joe's)
  • Mushrooms (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic cucumbers (Trader Joe's)
  • Sugar snap peas (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic potatoes and/or sweet potatoes (Trader Joe's)
  • Onions: red, white, and/or yellow (Trader Joe's)
  • Depending on the menu and season: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, squash (winter or summer, depending on the season), corn on the cob, salad kits, etc. (Trader Joe's)

Fruits (kept on the kitchen counter or in the fridge)

  • Grapes (Costco)
  • Organic apples (Trader Joe's)
  • Oranges/satsumas (Trader Joe's)
  • Mangoes (Trader Joe's)
  • Pitted dates (Costco)
  • Avocados (Trader Joe's)
  • Organic cherry tomatoes (Trader Joe's)
  • Lemons (Trader Joe's)
  • Depending on the season: pomegranates, pears, melons, berries, etc. (Trader Joe's)


  • Whole grain sandwich bread (Costco)
  • Corn tortillas (Trader Joe's)
  • Whole grain tortillas (Trader Joe's)
  • Breakfast cookies or healthy muffins (homemade)

Meats, seafood, etc.

  • Meats thawing for the weekly menu (meat comes from Costco)
  • Smoked salmon (Trader Joe's)
  • All-natural deli meat (Costco)
  • Organic eggs (Costco)
  • Egg whites (Costco)
  • Frittata (homemade)


  • Mustards: yellow, dijon, stone-ground (Trader Joe's)
  • All-natural mayo (Costco)
  • All-natural salad dressings (homemade or Trader Joe's)
  • Nut butters (Costco)
  • Jam (homemade or Trader Joe's)
  • Barbecue sauce (Costco)
  • Salsa (Costco)
  • Hummus (Costco)
  • Olives (Trader Joe's)


  • Coconut water (Costco)
  • All-natural sparkling water (Trader Joe's)
  • Herbs (Trader Joe's)
  • Minced garlic (Costco)
  • Organic, all-natural beef and chicken bouillon base (Costco)