More Than Mom Summit

I know that you may be used to seeing my weekly meal plans on the blog each week, but this week I am sharing another special offer with you.

If you aren't interested (although keep reading, because it is FREE!), no offense taken. Feel free to hop back on over to my blog and snag a meal plan from the past few weeks and months here.

If you might be interested in learning about a recent opportunity I took part in for the upcoming More than Mom Summit, I wanted to go ahead and share it with you. It is totally free (with no sales pitches), and I get no kickback besides the chance to share info I think is good food for thought with an audience of like-minded moms.

So I hope you won't mind the brief interruption in my usual emails to share a bit more about this summit below.

For me, being a mom has been one of the craziest journeys I’ve ever been on. I’ve learned more about my fears, passions, insecurities, and desires as a mom than I could have ever imagined. I’ve also learned how to release control and embrace the unknown. I wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world, but I admit that sometimes it can be really hard.

That's why I was honored to be asked by fellow mom Renae Fieck to contribute as one of many speakers for The More than Mom Summit: How to Let Go of Mom Guilt, Take Care of Yourself, and Rediscover You.

This is a community of moms who are sharing their knowledge about letting go of mom guilt, finding the space to practice self-care, and acknowledge our deep desires that say we are created for more. I am so excited to be a part of this interview series, and the community of over 20 women (including Leeana Tankersley, Jill Savage, Suzi Whitford, Jenny Layton, and Ashley Willis, just to name a few), to share with you what we’ve learned through our journeys of motherhood.

Like Renae, we’ve all had times in life where we’ve spent more energy and time taking care of everyone else but ourselves...the you inside got lost in the midst of the endless daily to-do’s. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and depleted. We all struggle through wanting to feel more joy each day and have found ways to create space within the chaos of life.

Being a great mom is not about overextending and trying to do it all, but about slowing down and acknowledging that sacred part of ourselves that wants to be seen.

That's why I’m offering you a complimentary ticket to attend the More than Mom Summit here. You can register using this link. The summit starts on April 30th, but you can access these interviews at your convenience anytime after that.

And while it might surprise you, this summit is NOT 100% focused on all things food and feeding.

Our summit is perfect for the mom who:

  • Wants more space
  • Wants to feel more joy, slow down, release expectations, and be fully present
  • Wants to enjoy spending time with her kids and her spouse
  • No longer wants to feel full of regret
  • Wants a deeper relationship with her loved ones
  • Knows deep down she has more to offer the world beyond just doing laundry and dishes

We will cover:

  • How we can break free from the mom expectations, comparison game, and stay in our own lane
  • How to not lose yourself in the season of having young kiddos
  • What to do when you feel like you have no time to care for yourself
  • Tips to streamline your budget and meal planning so you have more freedom to focus on the things you truly love
  • What to do when we feel disconnected from our spouse
  • Raw, mom-life emotions and how we process them

These interviews are real and vulnerable. These are real moms who have learned that mom-life can be a place to thrive, not just survive. And although I know firsthand feeding our families can be hard, I also hope that my interview with Renae will bring some peace of mind to all those fellow overwhelmed mamas out there.

You are worth the time to hear from these 20 women about how to slow down, feel restored, live intentionally, pursue your passions, and still have time for your loved ones. Will you join me?!

I look forward to participating along with you and our community of women, to learn and grow together!

Register here with your complimentary ticket to listen in!

I hope this makes for a refreshing change in content to share. If this isn't your thing though, fear not as I'll be back next week with more on creating less meal time stress and more feeding success!