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love it, like it, learning it Academy


The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy is an 8-week coaching program to teach you as the parent the secrets and steps to helping your child learn to like new foods.

 do you ever WORRY about…

  • The tension of bribing and pleading for your child to eat?

  • What to do when your toddler starts to show signs of pickiness?

  • The underlying reasons why your child refuses so many foods?

  • If your child will ever branch out to eat new foods without being forced to?

  • What you say (or not to say) when you are battling with your kids over food?

  • How to handle it when you child is “on a kick” without only offering that same foods over and over again?

  • What to do so you don’t feel like you have to make your child something different than the rest of the family?

 what if you didn’t need to worry?

What if your child…

  • Was open to try many foods s/he previously wouldn’t touch?

  • Gradually expanded her/his palate to eat from a variety of foods from each food group?

  • Could eat from whatever food was offered to the rest of the family (without something separate being made)?

  • Learned to like foods s/he previously couldn’t even tolerate on the table?

  • Ate when they were hungry, stopped when they were full, and didn’t throw a fit in between meals and snacks?

What if you as the parent…

  • Could reduce the stress of creating individual meals and take away the tension at meal times?

  • Were able to address picky eating early on when your child first starting to show signs of pickiness?

  • Understood the fundamentals to feeding in a way that made how to feed your child finally “click”?

  • Had the knowledge and confidence needed to help your children become better eaters?

  • Helped your child try different foods without any bribery or pressure?

This far exceeded my expectations

"This program far exceeded my expectations. Ashley is so kind, supportive, and non-judgmental; she normalized just about every single thing we brought up, and she encouraged us to make small, manageable changes that would lead to new habits in the future. And she was right! My son has responded so well to everything she has set out for us. While I now there is still a long road ahead, I now truly feel like I have a road map for where I'm going!"

- Karson M., mom of 4 year old boy


 helping our kids learn to like real foods in real life is possible.

The love it, like it, learning it academy is an 8-week coaching program to show you how.

When you join The Academy, you discover how to creatively come up with menu ideas that the whole family can enjoy and confidently offer such meals without wondering if there is something your kid can eat being offered. You can experience the initial transformation from tense to enjoyable time together at the table, while helping your child develop a healthy relationship with all foods.

After you join:

  • You’ll easily be able to find out exactly where your child is at in their picky eating, if it is problem feeding, and how to help them make ongoing progress in accepting new foods

  • You’ll learn the steps to turn your meal times into a pleasant, productive place

  • You’ll be able to easily assess how to handle hard situations that arise at the table if/when your child doesn’t eat or pushes back to what’s offered (examples + scripts included!)

  • Learn a proven system to grow your child’s list of preferred foods

  • How to expand your child’s diet based on their unique nutritional needs and feeding styles

And most importantly…

you will become the confident nutritional gatekeeper you’re meant to be.

Find a community of parents in similar situations as you + get support like never before... a place to get ALL your questions answered without any judgement.



Your Investment: $147

You may enroll in The Love it, Like it, Learning it™ Academy for a one time fee of $147, or with the payment plan of three, $50 payments. These are billed upon upon registering, mid-way through the program, and at the end of the program.

Here is a bit of what other families from past academy classes have to say:

“I always felt my sons lack of interest in new foods as a fail on my part but after this course I have learned to be confident in myself and understand the roles of feeding responsibilities.”
— Cecilia, Mom of 22 month old boy
We went from a family that ate separately and limiting meals to only foods that we knew our daughter would like to eating as a family and seeing our daughter try many more foods than ever before. This approach has helped reduce the stress of creating individual meals and taken away the tension of bribing and pleading with our daughter to eat. Ashley’s direction, openness, and wealth of knowledge have helped us be much more confident that we are providing our daughter with a healthy start in life. Her attitude and openness were great. Ashley never seemed burdened or annoyed by any questions and really want to help, which made it easier to ask embarrassing questions and ease my mom guilt!”
— Allie, mom of 2 year old
My son is literally scared to try new foods. Using this program has given us some tip and tricks to help ease him in to starting to conquer his food fears.
— Cassie, Mom of 6 year old son
I appreciate how this program provides framework and practical steps for improving our family eating. I have three little kids, each with very different tastes, and I was pulling out my hair trying to make sure everyone was eating. I feel better equipped to not run our house like a restaurant anymore, but make sure everyone is fed. I have hope now, and a plan for how to guide my kids from refusing foods to being brave enough to try new things. I wanted to shout for joy when my pickiest kid picked up broccoli and actually licked it. That’s progress in only a few weeks. I look forward to having more peaceful, enjoyable family meal times.
— Sarah, mom of 7 year old twins + 5 year old son
I am so pleased with the progress I’ve seen with my 3 & 5 year old in our feeding journey after purchasing Ashley’s Love it, Like it, Learning it Program. Now, meal time is actually pleasant and I don’t have to stress about how much my kids are eating, or if they are getting the proper nutrition. Each week, Ashley sends a dietitian-approved dinner idea with recipe links and suggested modifications, lays out the framework on how to approach meal times, provides suggested scripts, answers questions and connects with you through video chat and an online community and so much more! Since I started this group, I had A LOT of “Learning it” foods for both my kids. Now, I’m struggling to find Learning it foods because most of these foods have turned into a Like it or Love it food for them. I am just amazed at how Ashley’s approach to food has made my kids more competent eaters. Now, they eat a variety of foods from all the food groups and Ashley has helped me to set up my kids for success for healthy nutrition habits that will last a lifetime!
— Karey, mom of 3 and 5 year old
Our family dinners are so much more fun now that we aren’t constantly negotiating how many more bites my boys have to take before they can be excused.
— Katie, mom of 4 and 3 year old boys + infant at home

WHAT IS the love it, like it, learning it academy?

The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy is an eight-week group coaching program. Each week, I send one email with a dietitian-approved dinner idea. This will include a protein/main entree, vegetable, starch, and fruit option to include in the meal using the Love it, Like it, Learning it framework. The eight menus will feature different types of dinners that families often struggle with how to offer (like seafood, Asian, or one-pot meals). Each meal requires 30 minutes or less to prepare (unless it is a crockpot meal, in which case the prep time takes less than 30 minutes).

Beyond providing you with unique menu ideas, each weekly email will also include:

  • The Love it, Like it, Learning it™ Framework so you can insert the menus into the framework for your unique family and child.

  • Suggest recipe links for any of the items in the menu that require one

  • Suggested product ideas for each item on the menu based on what I buy and why

  • Suggested modifications to make the menu idea best fit your family’s food preferences and food budget

  • Suggested approaches for how to offer this menu during the week, based on one overarching weekly action area that is covered on the weekly group coaching call.

  • Suggested scripts to help you know what to say and how to articulate healthy boundaries in the feeding relationship (without it creating a fight or power struggle)

  • Suggested community with ways you can connect with both myself and other parents who are a parent of this member-only community. This will include the link to our weekly live 45-minute group coaching calls as well, so that you can easily come, connect, and get your questions answered each week. This will also be where members can access member-only Facebook group.

Additionally, there is a total of one-hour of direct time with Ashley each week.

Through a 30-minute virtual coaching session and 30-minute live Q&A, Ashley makes herself readily available to walk you through the a feeding blueprint so you can achieve less meal time stress and more feeding success. There is one 30-minute virtual call per week where Ashley isolates key principles parents need to better understand and ultimately in order to be as successful as possible with this program. These include:

  • Week 1: What you need to know first about feeding: the Division of Responsibility

  • Week 2: One key caveat to apprehensive eating that changes everything

  • Week 3: Figuring out what to offer with The Love it, Like it, Learning it™ Framework

  • Week 4: Using Love it, Like it, Learning it™ to prevent food jags

  • Week 5: Structuring meals and snacks for success

  • Week 6: The biggest change I will ask you to make

  • Week 7: Helping your child learn to like real foods in real life

  • Week 8: Leveraging the developmental process of learning to like new foods (and where you child is at in it) 

For added support, Ashley will also provide a live virtual Q&A each week to answer any questions that come up throughout the week from our private community. All videos are recorded and made available for replay by Academy families who are unable to tune in live.

When you sign up you also get these bonuses:

 The Complete Academy Notebook: Complete with all of the tools, templates, and resources you need to be successful within the the Love it, Like it, Learning itAcademy, this notebook helps you work through the homework and take action giving clear guidance and confidence-boosting materials that you and your family can use moving forward.
 How Picky is My Kid Quiz: Wondering what will work with your kid? Ashley takes an expert approach to identifying what trouble spots your child faces so that you can take the most effective steps to move forward with raising a healthy, confident, competent eater!
✮ Meal Planner PRO: Save stress and energy coming up with new meal ideas every week with this planner. Plan out Love it, Like it, Learning it meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to promote variety AND satiety, while also using the weekly menu ideas and options that Ashley provides.
✮ What to Say When: A printable of script suggestions to use with your kids when the most common mealtime struggles come up.
 Learn to Like it Checklist: A parent’s guide to helping your child learn to like new foods...the right way! This shows you how to stop pressuring your kids to eat and instead works your family through the evidenced-based process takes your kids from refusing to requesting new foods.

who is this for?

The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy is for parents who want expert advice on how to best feed their families.

Parents of this group are those who have found themselves:

  • In a feeding rut and repeatedly offering the same foods

  • Unsure of how to expand their child or family’s diet to include more variety

  • Stressed about what to offer at meal times and tired of their child(ren) turning down what is given for the family meal

  • Needing simple strategies and minimal effort ideas for meal planning

  • Searching for a framework that accommodates every member’s food preferences without catering or short-order cooking

  • Craving some control again in the kitchen with what, when, and where food is offered

  • Seeking clarity on how to handle common feeding struggles

  • Wanting to take a more proactive approach before feeding problems present

This group is for parents who want to be encouraged through practical advice and empowered to take action through evidenced-based practice. This group is also for parents who are ready to see the feeding dynamics in their family change and willing to do their part in that process

This group is not for parents who want to join a meal planning community full of involved recipes or adventurous meal ideas. This group values variety in the food offered, but does not offer an expansive daily list of meal ideas and focuses exclusively on dinners (at this time). This group is not for parents who are not able to both receive and extend empathy as it relates to a family’s feeding struggles. All parents in this group are welcomed with empathy, understood by both fellow parents and a pediatric dietitian alike, and accepted regardless of what feeding ages or stages they are seeking assistance with.

what kind of transformation can I expect?

At the end of these eight weeks, parents can expect to:

  • Have exposed their child to many new nutritious, balanced meal ideas that provide a springboard to offering other new, nourishing foods from.

  • Have gained ongoing practice in deciding what foods to offer, how to expand on their child’s known preferred foods, and overall increasing the nutritional variety in their family’s diet

  • Have learned what strategies and systems are most effective for family-friendly meal planning, so that they are more confident in how to make one meal for their family and comfortable in the fact that everyone enjoys at least some component of it

  • Be empowered in their role in the feeding relationship, while having a newfound peace of mind in how to respect their children’s role as well

  • Feel less stress with what to feed and more success with how to feed

Children (whose parents have gone through this program) will:

  • See how their unique food preferences have been acknowledged in a healthy, age-appropriate way

  • Come to and engage at the table with an age-appropriate understanding of expectations around eating and how food is offered

  • Approach a wider variety of food being offered as a matter of fact part of meal times

  • Gradually add new foods to their “love it” or “like it” lists, with greater tolerance and overall acceptance of those foods that they are still “learning to like”

  • Create healthier habits around eating that develop mature feeding skills for life

Families as a whole will experience:

  • A refreshed, more positive approach to meal times

  • Sharing food around the table foster togetherness

  • Ongoing growth in the feeding relationship for parents and children

  • A new outlook on feeding and eating as a family

how do i achieve this?

By working through the action items in each week’s email, parents will lay the foundation for transformation in their family week after week. By showing up to our weekly live chats (or watching the recordings), parents will learn directly from Ashley about key themes to reducing meal time stress and improving feeding success. By interacting in our member-only Facebook group, parents will seek the support and accountability needed to to build off of this foundation and be most effective in transforming meal times.

While group calls or engagement on Facebook are not necessary, utilizing the support and accountability offerings will help ensure you get as much as possible out of the group coaching package.

what’s the timeline?

The Summer session of The Academy will start on Wednesday, July 24th. After the introduction, the eight-week program will run from July 28-September 16, 2019. We will have our weekly 30-minute live virtual call every Tuesday afternoon that the program is in session, starting on July 30th. Weekly Q&As will be on Thursday evenings, starting on August 1st.

how long is the academy program?

The program is eight weeks long. This is increased from a former 6-week program based on feedback from previous Academy families.

What is the weekly time commitment (not including the cooking and meal time itself)?

The weekly homework from Academy should take you under 15 minutes per week to complete. While families are not required to do their homework, it is highly encouraged in order to tailor the tenets of The Academy to your unique family. Completing the weekly homework will also help you to synthesize the knowledge shared in the email and on weekly live calls, so that you can best apply what is being learned while also asking questions as they come up along the way.

Is the content on-demand and self-paced or done with live support and weekly check-ins?

Currently, the content for The Academy is sent out once weekly via email. This is offered to help provide weekly check-ins and action items, further supported through two live calls per week where Ashley provides parent trainings and Q&A. While some families may not keep up with The Academy course calendar, they will have all the templates, tools, and recorded live trainings to complete and/or listen to at their convenience.

what kind of support do we get?

Ashley is available to families from The Academy live during both of our virtual video calls, in our member-only Facebook group, or as needed by email. You may also purchase additional one-on-one support, as needed, here.

what is the investment?

The cost is $147 for the full eight week program.

is it worth the investment?

Inside of The Academy, Ashley gives you access to all the handouts, printables, templates, and tools you need to be successful. This enables you to print out The Academy workbook, make notes, complete assigned tasks, and share what you are doing with other family members or caregivers. You also have access to Ashley through the private Facebook group for far less than it costs to reach her a single one-on-one counseling session (which starts at over $200 for the initial consultation package).

Ashley holds nothing back from families enrolled in The Academy. She has put all the pillars to helping families of picky eaters into this program, made sure it is backed by research and practice, and laced with a lot of grace from her own mom of three know how.

Ashley also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you get into The Academy, can show you did the work and tuned in to the live coaching calls, and still don't feel like its a good fit for your family, let Ashley know, and she'll give you a refund!

How long until my family sees results?

How soon your child learns to like new foods can vary, as can the overall amount of foods your child learns to like over the course of this program. Ashley will help equip you as early as possible to promote variety in your child’s diet, while also honing in on behavioral interventions that are best done at baseline. These promote the best short- and long-term outcomes from both The Academy and beyond.

Some families see noticeable differences in their family’s feeding dynamic within the first week. All families who closely follow The Academy and engage in the weekly content see transformation in less than two months.

Can I sign up later?

The Summer session of The Academy closes for enrollment at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, July 23rd. Although Ashley plans to open up The Academy again later in 2019, there is no guarantee when this will be or the price at which it will be available.


"I love Ashley's approach towards exposure. For meal times, I try to make sure I incorporate some of each category. Before Ashley's approach, it was easy to just give my daughter "love it foods," but I have since seen what Ashley's approach can do. My two year old daughter doesn't have to eat what I offer. She knows that, and it calms the eating experience so much! If she just eats her love it foods, then that's what she does. On her own though, she will put foods in her mouth she wouldn't previously touch. She may spit them out, but it's progress. I never would have realized how important this method is. Ashley's approach has saved me from a lot of heartache and meal time stress. Now, I always have some of each category on hand and understand how to best feed my daughter."

- Laura H., mom of 3 year old daughter

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Join The love it, like it, learning it academy now!

The doors close in...


One time payment of $147

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This framework was the piece that we didn't know we were missing

“Our problem was that on the days he ate very little of what I prepared, I was constantly worried that he wasn't getting enough to eat (especially because he was already very low on the growth curves). This framework was the piece that we didn't know we were missing, which allows us to follow the Division of Responsibility without having to stress at all about whether they're eating enough, because there's always something we know they will eat if they're hungry. I truly can't say enough good things about the "love it, like it, learning it" concept!””

- Leah, mom of son and daughter


Raise kids who learn to like (and even love!) real foods in real life. It isn't a dream; it just requires your dedication!

Program Mock Up.png

Join Ashley and other parents who share in your struggles and are ready to see your child's successes. With live weekly calls, the private Facebook group, and exclusive client-only templates, Ashley can help you turn around your family's approach to feeding. 

The love it, like it, learning it academy has a limited number of seats in order for each family to get the support they need and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are the meals allergen-friendly?

Yes, each menu can be modified for necessary food allergies. Ashley is happy to assist with this via one-on-one calls, as needed.

+ Are the meal ideas each week vegetarian?

No, these meals include animal-based proteins. The framework and course could easily be done with meatless substitutes, which Ashley is happy to help advise parents through via one-on-one calls.

+ If my kid is under one, is this still a good fit for my family?

The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy can give any parent and family the tools they need to be successful in planning, offering, and managing family meals. Parents of multiple children may benefit from being proactive instead of reactive when applying this approach for their family as a whole, including with younger children who parents might wish to "do differently with" when it comes to feeding. Parents with a child younger than two years of age may find that some of the struggles and scenarios shared by fellow group members do not yet ring familiar to them. This information may still be useful to adding to a parent's feeding and nutrition toolbox however, particularly if a parent already sees signs of apprehensive eating (i.e. pickiness) presenting before age two.

+ When and where does this group meet?

There will be eight, 30-minute virtual calls held via a private zoom link held two times weekly for one group coaching call and one Q&A call. Virtual group meetings will be every Tuesday, starting on July 30th. All live Q&A will be on Thursdays, starting on August 1st. All sessions will be recorded and available for replay for anyone who is unavailable to tune in live.

+ What are the dates of the live group coaching calls?

7/30, 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17

+ What are the dates of the live Q&A calls?

8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29, 9/5, 9/12, 9/19

+ What is the structure of the group coaching calls?

Opening and overview of weekly coaching topic from Ashley: 5 minutes. Training on weekly core feeding concept (below): 20 minutes. Q&A from session: 10 minutes. The weekly concepts taught include: Week 1: What you need to know first about feeding: the Division of Responsibility Week 2: One key caveat to apprehensive eating that changes everything Week 3: Figuring out what to offer with The Love it, Like it, Learning it Framework Week 4: Using Love it, Like it, Learning it to prevent food jags Week 5: Structuring meals and snacks for success Week 6: The biggest change I will ask you to make Week 7: Helping your child learn to like real foods in real life Week 8: Leveraging the developmental process of learning to like new foods (and where you child is at in it)

+ What kind of direct access to Ashley do we get?

In the Facebook group, Ashley will be able to respond directly to each individual’s questions and posts on the public forum. Otherwise, there will be a live Q&A each week for you to ask questions. If you feel you need additional one-on-one consulting, Ashley may also be available for private one-on-one counseling sessions that may be booked directly.

+ What if we don’t have Facebook?

Facebook is not required to participate in The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy. However, having access to the private Facebook community will allow you to have a greater level of engagement, accountability, support, and opportunity to share your struggles and successes with other parents. Majority of the program occurs outside of Facebook and is not required to access all of the program contents.

+ How long do we get access to the private Facebook group?

With a paid membership to The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy, you receive lifetime access to the private Facebook group.

Join The Love it, Like it, Learning it Academy now!

registration ends in...


One time payment of $169