Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

With a one year old and a three year old to play Easter bunny to this year, I just can't imagine filling their Easter baskets with candy, sugar-coated treats, or the ever-so-processed Peeps. I get the novelty of each of these items, but I am convinced I can get them jacked up about Easter basket fillers that are filled with sugar.

Most of the main items you will find in the Easter basket fillers section are neither age-appropriate nor essential for young kids. Instead, these items have become our default and what our kids grow up to expect. By relying too heavily on pastel candies and Easter bunny themed treats, we are self-perpetuating childhoods that live off of candy surges every quarter. Between Halloween, Christmas, then Easter, our kids get so much candy during each of these holidays to last them to the next!

So without coming up with any high-maintenance ideas, I think we can get a bit more creative than candy. Let's talk about non-candy Easter basket fillers that are easily available, cost effective, age appropriate, and items you would actually want lingering around the house from Spring through Summer.


Here are 50 of My Favorite Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas:

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Items to Eat:

  1. Bitsy's Brain Food Smart Crackers
  2. Peter Rabbit Organics squeeze pouches
  3. My Super Cookies
  4. My Super Snacks
  5. Lara Bar Minis
  6. Kind Pressed Snacks
  7. Fruit Crisps
  8. Fruit Leathers
  9. Dried fruit
  10. Vitamins

Items to Eat with:

  1. ezpz Happy Mats
  2. Dylbug personalized plates
  3. Lunchbox Love lunchbox notes for kids
  4. Pick-ease
  5. Spring Tumblers for Kids
  6. FunBites Food Cutter
  7. Yumbox Lunchbox
  8. Water Bottle
  9. 360 Sippy Cups
  10. Kid-sized Popsicle Molds

Items to Create with:

  1. Z-Dough handmade, scented playdough
  2. Kid's Kitchen Tools
  3. Spring themed muffin liners and toppers
  4. Crayons
  5. Do-a-Dot
  6. Garden and Sand Tools
  7. Kinetic Sand
  8. Activity Books
  9. Sticker Pads
  10. Sidewalk Chalk (how cute are these and these?)

Items to Wear:

  1. Bibs
  2. Kid's Cooking Apron
  3. Bunny apron
  4. Bunny PJs
  5. Sandals
  6. Hoodie swim towel
  7. Personalized beach towel
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Hair accessories (headbands, bows, clips, hair ties, or hats)
  10. Swim goggles

Items to Play with:

  1. Bubbles
  2. Bath Toys
  3. Pool Toys
  4. Wind-up Toys
  5. Sticker Books
  6. Activity Books
  7. Sporting goods (bike helmet, baseball glove, basketball)
  8. Water balloons
  9. Board books
  10. Kite


Time to go #GetEasterBasketReady

No matter your child's age or gender, this list should give you plenty of ideas for Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers. May you and your little ones enjoy as SWEET Easter, without all the sugar!

Don't forget the true reason for celebrating Easter!

"He told them, 'This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations,beginning at Jerusalem. You are witnesses of these things.'" Luke 24:46-48