Managing Meals as a New Mom

My husband is hard-working. My mom is a natural Nana. My nearby sister-in-law has survived to share what it’s like to mother three amazing kids. Yet despite a solid support system gathering around for the birth of our second child, close family and friends are still left to figure out the innards of our kitchen as well as...

those feeding basics intuitive to me and likely unknown to others.

When does our daughter usually drink milk?

Which milk in the fridge is "hers"?

Are there foods we can or can’t send to school in her lunchbox?

What kind of bread do we buy?

How many apples do we usually go through on a given week?

Do we have anything ready for dinner?

These may seem like overly simplistic basics to even address to some. They may be too obvious or totally unnecessary to answer to others. However no matter what your family dynamic is when entering into this exciting new season with a newborn, recognize that these little nuances in each family are what make us who we are. They establish normalcy, create ease, and maintain security, especially with young ones who’s eating habits may not be as clearly established or easy to articulate as with older kids or adults. They are also the key details that redirect the stress of making meals into the more-efficient process of managing meals as a new mom-- among as many hands as you have available to help.

For this reason,

Equip those who are helping keep your house afloat in the early days/weeks/months of life with a little one.

Eliminate the need for others to ask you seven-hundred questions, or the temptation to always wing it when they can't. Set yourself and your family up for success and you will see it makes meal times so much easier on both your helpers and yourself.


Here's how to plan ahead for managing meals as a new mom:

1. Post your family’s daily routine, specifically if you have kids at home. Include meals and snacks.

2. Share some "family food rules" for how you feed your kid(s) and family. Consider posting an abridged version of "family food rules" on the fridge.

3. Create short-cuts to meal planning and food prep.

4. Prepare a weekly meal plan with notes about make ahead meals, meal train deliveries, other easy options on hand, etc.

5. Print grocery list templates. Make any important notes (ie. brands, types, etc.) on master copy for easy reference in the future.

If your freezer is already full of make ahead meals and you find yourself going stir-crazy in anticipation for your child's arrival, get going on these additional steps to managing meals as a new mom. You won't regret the energy and effort you invest doing these to do's now before your newborn is born!