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If you want an engaging way to learn and apply concepts shared on Veggies & Virtue, consider a workshop with Ashley. Offered both online and in-person, workshops give you a variety of topics to work through. These are a perfect option to engage parents and/or children at moms groups, girls night outs, play groups, PTA meetings, kid's parties, or to attend on your own online during nap time. Hire Ashley to host any of the following workshops, or submit a custom workshop request below!

For Ashley's current online workshop offerings, please visit the Online Workshop Page.

Mom’s Night Out Meal Swap

What better way to stock your freezer full of family favorites than working beside your best friends? Using food you didn’t have to shop for and a kitchen you don’t have to clean up afterwards, the MNO Meal Swap Workshop offers you all this and more! 

Workshop Includes:

  • An assortment of dietitian-approved, family favorite recipes to choose from
  • A meal swap hosted for you and up to three additional guests
  • Two hours of guided, hands-on meal prep
  • All the groceries needed for selected recipes (food costs provided on price sheet)
  • An average of 8 prepared meals for each workshop participant (depending on the number of participants)
  • Stress-free food storage options provided (for additional cost)

Please Note: Workshop options are available for in-person workshops and digital download.  

Meal Planning 101 Workshop

This is your hands on guide to getting healthy, affordable, and easy meals on your table. The Meal Planning 101 workshop walks you through the unique, tried-and-true five step process of Veggies & Virtue meal plans. With time for customizing menus, creating meal plans for your own family, and hands on instruction built into the workshop, you will leave confident and clear-minded on how to tackle dinner time for all the days (and years!) to come.

Workshop Includes:

  • Interactive instruction on Veggies & Virtue’s fail-proof five step process to meal planning
  • Veggies & Virtue’s take home templates from Meal Planning Playbook
  • Healthy recipes ideas for the whole family (designed using Veggies & Virtue 5-step approach)
  • Weekly meal rotation examples that make nightly dinners more manageable
  • 7-Day meal planning templates
  • Meal prep demonstration and instruction

Please Note: Workshop options are available for in-person only.

Lunch Box Workshop

Featuring one of Veggies & Virtue’s signature concepts, the Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchboxes workshop walks you through all the steps to building a healthier lunchbox. Whether you are in a lunchtime rut with run-of-the-mill ideas, have a picky eater who feels impossible to pack for, or are looking to expand your child’s diet to include more dietitian-approved items, this workshop is for you!

Workshop Includes:

  • Interactive learning of the Love It, Like It, Learning It concept
  • Hands on application of Love It, Like It, Learning It with lunchboxes, customized to each child’s preferences
  • Examples of recommended lunch-packing products with the opportunity to test out each product in person.
  • Samples to a variety of dietitian- AND kid-approved Love It, Like It, Learning It food options
  • Printables with sample lunch ideas, meal plans, and recommended supplies list

Please Note: Workshop options are available for in-person workshops and digital download.  

Custom Workshop Request

Have an idea in mind that you think your fellow moms and family friends would love? Inquire with Ashley about the opportunity for custom workshops tailored to your audiences wants, needs, budget, and skill-level. 

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