work with Ashley

private Counseling

one on one packages available

Create a customized nutrition plan that is tailored to you, your child, and your family's unique nutritional needs. Monthly counseling packages give you the expert advice, age-appropriate tips, ongoing goal setting, and accountability of having Ashley as your personal health advocate.

media consulting

Put a RDN behind your brand

Having a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist support your brand gives you the edge you need to appeal to today’s health conscious parent. Let Ashley increase your company’s credibility and stand out against the competition by collaborating with you. 

grocery store tours

At your store of choice

If you are ready to take your role as the nutritional gatekeeper of your home to the next level, ask Ashley to join you on your next trip to the grocery store. With an understanding of nutrition and yet an honest perspective of real life, Ashley can help you cut through the confusion with what items to put in your cart.


Transform your family’s relationship with food

Guided by nutrition goals unique to your family, Ashley will walk through your kitchen with you and address areas for improvement. Together with Ashley, you will identify and correct which items are holding your family back from your nutrition goals, and then create a personalized action-plan for a fresh new start.


SYnthesize the steps to success

If you want an engaging way to learn and apply concepts shared on Veggies & Virtue, consider a workshop with Ashley. Offered both online and in-person, workshops give you a variety of topics to work through.

speaking engagements

a registered dietitian as your host

Have Ashley at the expert at your next Speaking event. be it a mom's group, preschool, PTA meeting, doctor's office, or other community event, Ashley offers a wide variety of presentation options that can be tailored to your audience's needs and wants.