Advanced Consultation Package


Advanced Consultation Package


Who this package is for:

If you have more than one nutrition or feeding concern or have an issue or challenge that needs more attention, this package is for you. You’ll receive personalized one-on-one support from Ashley (4 hours total), as well as several valuable bonuses that will make taking action and seeing transformation easier and more effective.

Ashley will have the time to walk you through how to overcome nutritional and/or feeding challenges in a manageable yet meaningful way. Additionally, you may use follow up sessions to address additional areas of concern or challenges pertaining to other family members. Clients of this package find that their family faces a new trajectory for feeding after taking the time to work with Ashley through the unique intricacies of the nutrition- or feeding-related issues at hand.

What this package includes:

  • One-on-one customized support from a Pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • One 60-minute initial video consultation

  • 3 hour-long follow-up sessions (or 6 half-hour follow-sessions if you’d prefer) to review goals, progress, answer all of your questions, and add more tools to your nutrition/feeding “toolbox”

  • Bonus #1: Digital and print access to applicable handouts, printables, resources, recipes and tools

  • Bonus #2: A FREE digital and print copy of Ashley’s seasonal meal plan, meal planning toolkit, and Love it, Like it, Learning it Starter Kit

  • Bonus #3: Option of transferring up to three hours of follow-up nutrition counselling to one family member (includes intake form review for that family member)

  • Bonus #4: Light e-mail or phone support in between appointments to answer questions

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