Grocery Store Tours

    If you are ready to take your role as the nutritional gatekeeper of your home to the next level, ask Ashley to join you on your next trip to the grocery store.

    With an understanding of nutrition and yet an honest perspective of real life with littles, Ashley can help you cut through the confusion of what items to put in your cart.

    During each tour, together we will:

    • Discuss what individual nutrition goals you have, so that the tour is uniquely tailored to your family's dietary needs, feeding challenges, lifestyle, and meal time routines.
    • Navigate the aisles of your choice store, so that you learn to shop more efficiently.
    • Recognize which products to avoid versus introduce your family to from each section of the store.
    • Interpret the nutrition facts label and sift through ingredients lists without over-complicating things.
    • Identify common marketing ploys, so you can make quick buying decisions without falling prey to these misleading claims.
    • Walk through simple meal planning techniques so you don’t waste money on what you don’t need, while forgetting to buy what you do.
    • Highlight cost-effective tips and tricks that will save you money time after time.

    Ready to Book your Grocery Store Tour?