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UPDATE (August 2018):

Due to having our third child in August, I am only taking limited one-on-one clients at this time. Please inquire below if you would like to check availability.

The Consultation Process

  1. Select your private counseling package from the options below.

  2. Once you have paid for your consultation, I will send you an email. This will include a link to schedule your appointment.

  3. After scheduling, you will receive another email with an electronic Feeding History Form to fill out and return before our consultation. This intake form gives me details about your child's medical, developmental, and nutrition-related history and your overall feeding goals.

  4. During our video consultation, I will reference the details provided from your Feeding History Form and work with you to create a 100% customized action plan. This plan will be tailored to your family's unique circumstances, including your child's age, developmental stage, nutritional needs, and feeding temperament. I will focus on factors such as your child's feeding environment, schedule, meal and snack routine, preferred and non-preferred foods, and how to handle food-related behavior issues. The breakdown of each call will depend on the areas you highlight as most important to you and your family on the Feeding History Form and the time available for the package you have purchased.

  5. After our video consultation, you will receive a recording of our session for your reference or to share with your spouse/another caregiver, as needed. As needed, you can schedule 30-minute follow-up calls for $55.

The Consultation Options




1 hour phone consultation

Provides age-appropriate nutrition education, Q&A, and expert advice on areas of interest..

Ideal for parents who are looking for general information on establishing a healthy feeding foundation for their family.




1.5 hour video consultation

Provides customized action plan with recording of video consultation for reference.

Ideal for parents who need help with existing feeding issues or re-establishing a healthy feeding environment.




1.5 hour video consultation

Provides two weeks unlimited texting and emailing to address questions as they arise. Will respond within 24 hours.

Ideal for parents seeking attentive, ongoing, personalized assistance applying a customized action plan

Follow Up


Have you worked with Ashley before? Existing and previous clients may book 30-minute follow-up calls, as needed.

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