Turkey Veggies Cups

I have a lot of parents asking me how to handle feeding our kids around the holidays. Just as I shared with Amy over at Yummy Toddler Food this week and last, there are some key considerations that I think will help lessen your stress around what your kids are eating, or more so, being offered this time of year.

One of the best ways to ensure your kiddos are getting at least a few healthy bites in each day is to focus on fun, festive veggie-based appetizers. Rather than filling up on less nourishing snack foods, consider putting out a platter with these individual turkey veggie cups before the big holiday meal.

Created for a Friendsgiving playdate in the park I hosted over on the Sneakz blog (sponsored post), these are the perfect portion for small hands to hold, dip, and enjoy!

Sneakz Friendsgiving 5.JPG

Turkey Veggie Cups


  • Small, clear plastic cups (8-12 oz in size; one per person)
  • Googly eyes (2 per cup)
  • One piece of orange paper for the beak
  • One piece of red paper for the wattle
  • Tacky glue for quick sticking


  • A small veggie platter or assortment of veggies
  • Veggie dip (like hummus or ranch dip, if included in the veggie platter)


  1. Rather than buy several different bags of veggies, save yourself the time and excess at the store by purchasing a small veggie platter. This will have several different types of veggies included that can then be divided among cups.
  2. Assemble turkey cups by fixing googly eyes and beak onto each. Place cup down to dry.
  3. While the beak and eyes dry, add veggie dip of choice to the bottom of each cup.
  4. Add one or two of each veggie to each plastic cup, setting them in the veggie dip.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

To see more ideas on how to use this recipe and others, hop on over to the Sneakz blog for the full Friendsgiving Picnic in the Park menu (sponsored)!

Friendsgiving Playdate in the Park

Want to make a large veggie platter instead?

Need to bring an appetizer to your Thanksgiving gathering? Consider making a larger veggie platter instead. The one featured on my Friendsgiving post with the Littles and Me (shown below) is fun option for a crowd!

turkey veggie platter friendsgiving.jpg

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy holiday tomorrow and into the weekend ahead!