Turkey Trouble Snacktivity

I am always looking for fun seasonal books to add to our library, so I was thrilled to learn of "Turkey Trouble" when Beth and Ludavia suggested it for this month's Book Box.


This is a silly story that instantly got my littlest trying to gobble like a turkey and then act out all of the turkey's silly farm friends. The disguise element had my oldest's eager for more silly dress up ideas, something three year olds can just never seem to get enough of! That's why I am especially excited to have so many resources now for how to make Turkey Trouble even more fun and engaging, thanks to partnering with BethLudavia, and Mandisa for this month Book Box Snacktivity.

Together, we have come up with four ways to enjoy this book all month long. Each are simple to implement and age-appropriate for kids from your youngest to your oldest. Add to it the edible element below, and this is sure to be a book your family with eat right up this Thanksgiving season.

We hope you and your little turkeys will find joy, laughter, and a healthy dose of hands on learning through this month's activities!

Create Your Own Turkey Muffin Tin Snacktivity

Create Your Own Turkey Muffin Tin Snacktivity

Makes 2 turkeys


1 pear, halved and cored
Four mini chocolate chips (two per turkey)
1 baby carrot
Colorful assortment of fruit

  • Banana slices
  • Grapes
  • Satsuma wedges
  • Pomegranate perils
  • Pineapple pieces
  • Cantaloupe cubes
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Others of choice
Create your own turkey muffin tin


  1. With pear half in hand, gently poke a small hole for each chocolate chip. Make a third small hole for the beak. 
  2. To make feet and beak, cut carrot lengthwise in four slices or until carrot is to desired thickness. Carefully cut a three pronged foot from the end of each carrot slice. Trim down to include a small leg as well. With remaining carrot pieces, carve one triangle beak per turkey being built.
  3. Place pear half flesh side down on plate. Insert “eyes” and “beak.” Place feet/legs at the base of pear. Provide child a plate large enough to create their own turkey on (suggest at least 8” diameter).
Thanksgiving snack idea for kids - build your own turkey

4. Fill muffin tin with an assortment of colorful fruit "feather" options. Allow child to practice patterns, play with different shapes and textures, and taste test each of the "feathers."

5. Once created, enjoy this snacktivity while reading "Turkey Trouble."

Turkey Trouble snacktivity for kids

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What is your family's favorite story for the Thanksgiving season?

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