Before & After Lunchbox

Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchbox:

Love It Foods: Annie's organic cheese bunnies, smoked salmon, organic raisins

Like It Foods: organic apple slices, peas

Learning It Foods: organic cucumber circles, organic red bell pepper strips


Before & After Images:

Observations of an Apprehensive Eater:

This is a pretty "made with staples" lunchbox. We almost always have frozen peas, smoked salmon, some sort of cracker, raisins, apples, cucumbers, and peppers on hand. It helps me to know a few options for lunches that require close to no effort or energy to assemble, especially on those days when I either need to make it to the store or we only have -2 minutes to make it out the door with a bento box in tow. 

Since we have these items around our house often, most are familiar to Claire (even if not a current favorite). Like many kids, vegetables are not a very preferred food for her. So today, I asked Claire what shape she wanted the cucumber and peppers in. Circle or sticks, strips or chunks. This was a small, simple way to give her a sense of control and power over what she was being offered while still following well within the Division of Responsibility in feeding framework. I had to cut these veggies either way, so it was no added work on my end to ask her first what shape she would like them in today.

The result? A small nibble, or in our world, a BIG step towards ongoing food exposure and acceptance!



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