Lunchbox Love


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: oranges, chicken sausage

LIKE IT FOODS: watermelon,@bitsysbrainfood crackers

LEARNING IT: homemade honey nut cheerio egg, string cheese

Lunchbox Love

Because everyone can use the unexpected lunchbox love, in the form of an X and O -- especially our sweet but struggling two year old. Some days you have to send your kiddo to school when you just know something isn't as it should be in their little hearts.

That's why I love how these letter shaped crackers can be used to convey sweet and yet simple sentiments, or for educational purposes, to highlight an overarching lunchbox letter, and to expose them to the alphabet at this age. Our family's favorites are these by Bitsy Brain Food (which we find at Target) or those from Trader Joe's (as backup when we haven't been to Target, as the ingredients aren't as wholesome).

Some other cute ideas to send lunchbox love for your littles who are learning to read include unchbox notes, like the huge list posted here.

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