Before & After Lunchbox

Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchbox:

LOVE IT FOODS: cantaloupe, strawberries

LIKE IT FOODS: snap pea crisps, carrot sticks

LEARNING IT FOODS: roasted garbanzo beans, energy bite



Before & After Images:

Observations of an Apprehensive Eater:

I'll admit - today I maaaay have eaten a few of her roasted garbanzo beans. The reason why? 

Mainly because, these roasted garbanzo beans were a learning it food. Sometimes our toddler is totally uninterested in such "learning it foods," so much that to even encourage her to explore it would be a feat in and of itself -- even without her actually eating it. Today however, she was actually a bit curious about them. So together she and I ate them, talking about how they taste ("Are they salty, or sweet?"), their texture ("Are they soft, or crunchy?"), and other characteristics that shifted the pressure off what we were actually doing (i.e. eating) and onto the new, unfamiliar food.

When you are able to eat in your child's presence, be authentic and yet adventurous. Don't overly oooh and ahhhh over how AMAZING this (learning it) food is if it isn't genuine. Instead, show natural enjoyment in eating it and express a positive attitude towards the experience of exploring it. This shows your kid that there is more to "yum" or "yuck" than an impulsive assumption of whether or not they like it. Instead, talk through different attributes with them when they are open to it. You may just be surprised how much of that learning it foods actually gets eaten in the process!



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