Before & After Lunchbox

Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchbox:

LOVE IT FOODS: nectarines, organic cheese squares

LIKE IT FOODS:corn, broccoli

LEARNING IT FOODS: dried cranberries, homemade honey-nut Cherrios bar


Before & After Images:

Observations of an Apprehensive Eater:

A few notes on what she didn't eat: She has finally started to love raisins (a previous "learning it food"!), so I am hopeful that other dried fruit may follow. Judging by today's intake of dried cranberries though, we still have a bit more exposure to go. As for the cereal snack bars, she has only tasted them a few times. This batch didn't stay together as well as others, which I think hurt her interest in eating them when they weren't easy to remove from her bento.

A few notes on what she did eat: She ate all the cheese and nectarines -- no surprise. However, is that "enough?" That is a question most parents of apprehensive eaters ask. Understandably, we all worry about making sure our children are well-fed and thus, full. With a division of responsibility of feeding and the application of a Love it, Like it, Learning it approach, we can rest assured that there are enough healthy options for her to eat, should she so choose she is indeed still hungry. This to say, I am constantly re-evaluating what items do and/or don't get eaten in lunchboxes and while at home so that I can make sure I am providing as adequate of a lunchbox each day as possible.


Note: I try not to use the term, "picky eater" in our home. Even if it applies to our "apprehensive eater," it is not how I want her to be identified in her relationship to food. Here's a great article outlining Why You Should Never Call a Picky Eater a "Picky Eater"