Before & After Lunchbox

Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchbox:

LOVE IT FOODS: pineapple, whole grain crackers

LIKE IT FOODS: blueberry-almond energy bites, carrots, open-faced cranberry-almond chicken salad sandwich

LEARNING IT FOODS: celery sticks, cherry tomato, beet hummus


Before & After Images:

Observations of an Apprehensive Eater:

So today's lunchbox leftovers are much in part to a mom-flop. From an energy bite that she couldn't pick out of the small "treat" spot without without it falling apart, to an "open-faced sandwich" that she also couldn't lift up and out of that section of the bento, I learned a few lunch-packing lessons today.

She likes and will eat energy bites and (some) open-faced sandwiches at home, neither are ideal options in her lunchbox. Energy bites are better served are energy bars in another bento box section and sandwiches are better served in a way that will stick together til it makes it to her mouth or she intentionally picks it apart.


Note: I try not to use the term, "picky eater" in our home. Even if it applies to our "apprehensive eater," it is not how I want her to be identified in her relationship to food. Here's a great article outlining Why You Should Never Call a Picky Eater a "Picky Eater"