Before & After Lunchbox

Love It, Like It, Learning It Lunchbox:

LOVE IT FOODS: Annie's Homegrown farm crackers, blueberries

LIKE IT FOODS: organic colby jack cheese stick, carrots

LEARNING IT FOODS: apricot, edamame


Before & After Images:

Observations of an Apprehensive Eater:

Kids are finicky. They have these seemingly absurd opinions about how things present themselves that so definitively dictate whether they do or don't, will or won't eat something.

Case in point:

1. My daughter loves Colby cheddar slices (a "love it food"); the sticks, not so much (apparently a "learning it food" in this form).
2. She loves edamame in the pods (a "love it food"); edamame that is all ready to eat/de-shelled? Surprisingly not so much either (a "learning it food").
3. She is finally eating orange carrots consistently (a "like it food"); although we have offered them many times now, the new colors of carrots are still unfamiliar to her and thus, uneaten (a "learning it food").

Give your kiddo some time to understand similarities and differences between foods, even those that are in one form or another a love it or like it food. As irrational as it often seems to us adults to be SO particular over such a seemingly small difference, be patient. Try to stay in tune with their immaturity and respect their need to explore new foods. Especially among kids with food neophobia, recognize that such "new foods" may require extra time to explore before they will eat them too.



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