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group COACHING for parents of picky eaters


A 6-week program covering the secrets and the steps to helping your child learn to like new foods.

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"I love Ashley's approach towards exposure. For meal times, I try to make sure I incorporate some of each category. Before Ashley's approach, it was easy to just give my daughter "love it foods," but I have since seen what Ashley's approach can do. My two year old daughter doesn't have to eat what I offer. She knows that, and it calms the eating experience so much! If she just eats her love it foods, then that's what she does. On her own though, she will put foods in her mouth she wouldn't previously touch. She may spit them out, but it's progress. I never would have realized how important this method is. Ashley's approach has saved me from a lot of heartache and meal time stress. Now, I always have some of each category on hand and understand how to best feed my daughter."

- Laura H., Mom of 2 year old girl

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group coaching plan outline

(part i)

This week sets the stage for where your progress begins. Ashley will help you create your own unique and specific love it, like it, learning it list to move forward with. Based on the personalized foods list of what your kid loves, hates, and all the erratic and uncertain eating habits in between, Ashley will give you a tangible starting place. No matter the age or feeding stage of your child, week one will bring you less meal time stress and more feeding success starting immediately.



(part ii)

Using your love it, like it, learning it list, Ashley will walk you through how to adjust for nutritional deficiencies and meal plan to optimize each feeding opportunity. After this week, you will no longer wonder what to serve your picky eater let alone your family as Ashley will walk you through the steps to meal plan in a way that feeds your whole family without any short-order cooking required. 


Now that you know a wide variety of options you have to feed your child, Ashley will walk through some key meal and snack time strategies to promote and satisfy age-appropriate appetite. With an understanding of children's nutritional needs and physiological abilities to regulate hunger and fullness, Ashley will help you structure your family's feeding times  with confidence and clarity.




The feeding environment can play a big part in how a child eats. That's why this week, we address not only where (as in the location) a kid eats, but also the overall feeding environment and how it can either help or harm how well your child responds to meal and snacks times. After this week, you will be able to adjust how you feed your child no matter where you or they are.

WEEK #5: If/whether they eat

You've learned how to do your part now (with what, when, and where to feed). Now it is time to learn to handle how your child chooses to handle their role in the Division of Responsibility. If/whether they eat is ultimately up to them, so this week will help parents discern if and when to say anything. With prompts what appropriate table talk and saying substitutions for many of the things we catch ourselves saying by mistake, this week will help parents handle the infamous situations when our kids don't eat.

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WEEK #6: how much they eat

Parents are often worried about if their child got enough to eat at any given meal. While with good intent to their concern, it can cause each of us to derail our commitment to feeding with a Division of Responsibility. That's why this week we discuss how parents can be at ease about how much their child eats (or doesn't), how to handle it if it truly isn't enough to sustain growth, and how to handle all the situations in between without obsessing over our idea of "enough."

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The coaching plan far exceeded my expectations

"I knew the six week group coaching plan was going to be a worthwhile investment when I sat in on Ashley's free Webinar for how to feed picky eaters. That webinar alone gave me so much information and inspiration, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go deeper and have the support of a group dynamic. The coaching plan far exceeded my expectations. Ashley is so kind, supportive, and non-judgmental; she normalized just about every single thing we brought up, and she encouraged us to make small, manageable changes that would lead to new habits in the future. And she was right! My son has responded so well to everything she has set out for us. While I now there is still a long road ahead, I now truly feel like I have a road map for where I'm going!"

- Karson M., Mom of 4 year old boy


Raise kids who learn to like (and even love!) real foods in real life. It isn't a dream; it just requires your dedication!

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Join Ashley and other parents who share in your struggles and are ready to see your child's successes. With live weekly calls, the private Facebook group, and exclusive client-only templates, Ashley can help you turn around your family's approach to feeding. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ When and where does this group meet?

This will be six, 45-minute virtual calls held via zoom once weekly. Group meetings will be on Tuesdays at noon CST, beginning November 7th. All sessions will be recorded and available for replay for anyone who is unavailable to tune in live.

+ What are the dates of the live group calls?

November 7th, November 14th, November 21st, November 28th, December 5th, and December 12th.

+ What is the structure of the weekly coaching calls?

Pre-Session Questions (personal homework to be completed prior to live group call; will never take longer than 15 minutes to complete each week). Opening and follow-up from Ashley: 5-10 minutes. Weekly topic: 20 minutes. General Discussion/Q&A: 15 minutes.

+ What kind of direct access to Ashley do we get?

In the Facebook group, Ashley will be able to respond directly to each individual’s questions and posts on the public forum. Otherwise, there will be time on each week's call for you to ask questions. If you feel you need additional one-on-one consulting, Ashley will also hold weekly private one-on-one consulting sessions that may be booked directly.

+ What if we don’t have Facebook?

Facebook is not required to participate in this coaching plan. However, having access to the private Facebook community will allow you to have a greater level of engagement, accountability, support, and opportunity to share your struggles and successes with other parents.

+ How long do we get access to the private Facebook group?

With a paid membership to the Group Coaching Plan for Parents of Picky Eaters, you receive lifetime access to the Facebook group. This membership continues after the six-week coaching plan ends.