Taking Days Off


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: blueberries, cantaloupe, @annieshomegrown cheese crackers (salty snacks left over from potty training!)

LIKE IT FOODS: cheese, edamame, broccoli (her most recent veggie victory!)

LEARNING IT: Took a break today...see post for more.

Taking Days Off

Mastitis: 2. Mama: 0. Today I am practicing a little extra self-care and keeping it simple for C's lunchbox today. She's gaining more and more like it and love it foods, which means it is time to expand on what foods we are exposing her to. Somedays, we all just need to take a break though -- don't we? We work hard, we push ourselves, we set high standards, and we are constantly trying to achieve them. This applies to our own lives as parents, but also often in how we raise our kids. Don't forget to listen to you, your body, your kids, and their bodies.

Good health is more holistic than just healthy eating.

It takes being mindful about many aspects of self-care, including taking days off from "learning it" when we need to just rest in liking it and loving it.

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