Start Small with New Foods


Giving your child large amounts of new or unfamiliar foods may overwhelm them. Instead, take small steps to introducing these items. Start small with new foods.

start small with new foods

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: freeze-dried mango, popcorn, cheese letters LIKE IT FOODS: blueberries, raspberries LEARNING IT FOODS: broccoli, diced chicken thigh

Start Small with New Foods

For the foods your child is still learning, consider this: offer a small amount (~1 TBSP). Giving them a much larger portion than you know they will eat can be both overwhelming and intimidating. Instead, provide a small portion and encourage them to ask for more if/when they try it and like it. When offered in relation to the amounts they are given of other like it and love it foods (1 TBSP per one year of age), these unfamiliar or unfavorite foods are kept small and not pushing to be center stage on a plate. The small circle on a Yumbox is the perfect place to practice this!


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