Simple Lunch Packing Tips to Have on Hand


When family emergencies happen, I can't always be home to pack lunches. In fact, there may be very few hands to toss things together at all. But our sweet kids still need to obviously be fed! See what simple lunch packing tips I shared with my husband when I was in a hurry to catch the next flight out of town.

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: satsuma, Goldfish crackers

LIKE IT FOODS: hummus, cheese stick

LEARNING IT: carrots, nut butter sandwich

Simple Lunch Packing Tips to Have on Hand

While I was out of state tending to a family emergency, my sweet hubs sent me this pic+text:

"I'll cut the orange and cheese right before we leave for school. I have no idea if she'll eat my nut butter sandwich but maybe the heart shape will win her over!"

I didn't know he had these surprise heart shaped sandwiches in him! Oh my, the heart melt I had when I saw this proof of how well he was loving on our littles in my absence ❤️ It was such a relief to see that having these simple lunch packing tips came in handy for him.

When life throws you for a real loop, packing lunches inevitably get left behind. It isn't a make or break if they aren't the best lunchbox, but having a guide for the hands that are helping in times like these lessens the stress on everyone. My husband had never packed a lunchbox before (even his own as a kid!), and yet he pulled the lunchbox above off without even asking me one question. All I did was hand him this free printable and trust most the basics were covered for "How to Pack a Lunchbox" before I headed out the door in an unexpected hurry!

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