Seasonal Food Exposure with Kids

seasonal food exposure with kids

Take advantage of seasonal food exposure with kids with a built-in timeline to introduce seasonal favorites with repeated exposures throughout the season.

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: organic cheese slices, watermelon

LIKE IT FOODS: veggie straws, raisins

LEARNING IT: organic corn kernels, pasta salad

More on Seasonal Food Exposure with Kids

'Tis the season for new seasonal fruits, vegetables, and dishes! Between seeing more watermelon in stores, grilling more corn in the backyard, and preparing pasta salads as cooler alternatives to hot noodle dishes, there are many opportunities for seasonal food exposure with kids. This gets me excited to re-expose our daughter to some of the foods she hasn't seen as much of lately as we shift from winter into the spring and summer seasons!

One of the (many) advantages to eating seasonally is that it helps to cycle which foods you expose your child to. Taking a few months at a time, seasonal food exposure with kids helps to familiarize them with foods they may be learning and not necessarily love year round. Each season provides a built in timeline to introduce unfamiliar foods before the next season rolls around. Aim for at least 10-20 seasonal food exposures with kids (on average one exposure per week) before you take a break for the next season's favorites. 

Some of these seasonal foods will become liked, some will become loved, and some may remain a "learning it food" until it comes around to that season next year. Just remember this is all okay and part of the process! Kids' appetites and interest in certain foods shift with each season and especially with each year. Keep on course and you WILL see positive changes in their eating habits year after year.

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