Packing Lunches the Night Before


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LOVE IT FOODS: yogurt gummies, cantaloupe, soft cheese

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Packing Lunches the Night Before

I realize I'm now officially a mom of two in multiple ways, one of which being - packing lunches the night before is officially a must! One of the things I love about our Yumbox bento box is that it is such an easy and effective way to store food ahead of time and yet keep it fresh. According to the Yumbox website, the seal keeps foods fresh for days in the fridge. We have yet to have an issue with any food spoiling or getting soggy while in the Yumbox overnight, but I will share something I have heard from other's in the lunch packing community.

Apparently, bread-items are often best packed the morning of. This is less linked to the Yumbox's ability to keep it fresh and more related to the bread, tortilla, wrap, etc. getting too tough when stored in the refrigerator overnight. We don't make a lot of these items yet, but I appreciate knowing what lessons others have learned when packing lunches the night before!

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