Offering Desserts with Meals


Do your kids try and rush through dinner, claiming to be "all done!" prematurely so they can hurry on to having dessert? See how offering desserts with meals can teach that they are no more desirable than the rest of your child's lunch or dinner.

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: popcorn, cheese, homemade Nutella brownies (brought over by some sweet neighbors of ours!)

LIKE IT FOODS: strawberries 

LEARNING IT: raisins, edamame

Offering Desserts with Meals

Did you know that most pediatric feeding experts recommend serving desserts WITH meals? Instead of treating desserts as some coveted food that can't be had until after they "eat their vegetables," "finish their dinner," etc., try giving your child(ren) dessert as part of a meal. This changes the dessert from being the reward in, "if you eat _________, then you can have __________" to an occasional 'fun food' that fits in as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. This not only minimizes the temptation to say, "I'm done!" in hopes that they can hurry up and have dessert, but offering dessert with meals also helps them to sit and enjoy it as a part of their meal. Doing so implies dessert foods are no more desirable than any other aspect of the meal.

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