No Forbidden Foods

No Forbidden Foods

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: all-natural bacon, cantaloupe, strawberries

LIKE IT FOODS: homemade waffle sticks w/ syrup, plain whole-milk yogurt with strawberry purée

LEARNING IT: None today! I've come to accept that offering veggies with her breakfast foods are NOT okay in her world...but that's okay bc I am pretty sure they weren't a part of mine until at least post-college ?

No Forbidden Foods

While being overly permissive about food can cause issues when raising healthy eaters, remember that being overly controlling about what our kids consume can also be detrimental.

In our house, we don't have "forbidden foods." On the flip side, we also don't offer "fun foods" like bacon and maple syrup everyday. Instead, teaching our kids how to eat and enjoy these foods on occasion helps encourage a healthy relationship with ALL foods and better understand the basics of an overall balanced diet.

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