Natural Food Coloring


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: strawberry hearts, blueberries, @FunBitescheese squares

LIKE IT FOODS: roasted broccoli, @piratesbooty

LEARNING IT: roasted red potatoes, kiwi slices

Natural Food Coloring

Totally unintentional, but today's lunchbox became quite the rainbow! Not all of these foods are in their original form or free from natural coloring agents, but this spread still reminds us how colorful real food can be while remaining close to nature. Far from the artificially colored products targeted towards kids, our kids need to be exposed to a variety of colors in the diet and understand:

Color in our foods should be naturally occurring!

It's easy to get so removed from nature when we feed our families from the Standard American Diet way of grocery shopping that we begin to see natural foods as unappealing in their original colors. Try to integrate fun colors into your kids meals that comes from real food in its real form! Better yet, let them begin picking what colors they are craving when grocery shopping or deciding which sides to serve with a meal. It is a great way to involve them and get them excited about what they are eating!

For more information on artificial dies and their impact on kids, check out an excellent article titled, "Kids and Artificial Food Colors," by Registered Dietitian, Jill Castle.

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