Limiting Our Intake of Processed Meats

Limiting Our Intake of Processed Meats

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: yogurt gummies, honeydew balls, bison hot dogs

LIKE IT FOODS: pumpkin O's from Trader Joes

LEARNING IT FOODS: yellow carrots, cherry tomatoes, sauteed sweet potatoes

Limiting Our Intake of Processed Meats

What happened to the days when sending a bologna and cheese sandwich was considered totally acceptable? Now we are so into bento boxes, reducing the environmental impact of food packaging, and clean eating, it almost seems taboo to send such a thing!

More so, we now know that limiting our processed meat intake, like bologna, may benefit our health by reducing our risk of cancer.

So why did I send hot dogs in today's lunchbox?

Because I believe in making smarter choices and not restricting a much-requested kid food (like hot dogs) 100% of the time. Instead, we purchased these all-natural bison dogs from Costco. They do not have the added nitrites that tend to cause the increased concern for processed meat, nor are they as high in saturated fats as other red meats. Both these make them a better option than your traditional highly processed, ballpark frank.

Many argue about how much more expensive these items are when compared to the highly inexpensive hot dogs at the store. To that I very much say with hot dogs, you get what you pay for. For us, the added expense is a reminder that we should be limiting our intake of processed meats, like hot dogs. Buying a more expensive option allows us to enjoy it on occasion, but do so less frequently and in lesser amounts each time we do.

Are there processed meats you serve your family that you could find healthier alternatives for? How willing are you to spendmore on such items and yet eatless of such processed meats?

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