Learning it food turned loving it

Learning it food turned loving it
Learning it food turned loving it

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: banana, blueberries (in yogurt), chocolate kiss (the one and only age-appropriate (i.e. non-choking hazard) Easter candy in all her eggs this year)

LIKE IT FOODS: whole milk plain yogurt, grape halves

LEARNING IT: cucumber, @eatnuttzo+honey sandwich on leftover whole wheat French toast

Learning it Food Turned Loving it

As I've said before, my daughter usually won't touch any type of sandwich. However, after watching and learning about honey bees yesterday she tasted honey after dinner and decided it was delicious (naturally)! I figured that I could capitalize on this new love it food and use it for a more interesting food exposure to sandwiches.

With this new learning it food turned loving it, we used French toast leftovers for nut butter+honey+banana sandwich squares! Claire saw that I spread honey on the slices, then added nut butter smear too. She helped in the process and was more interested in the offering because it included a component she now knew she liked, being honey.

Using little tricks like fun lessons about where their food comes from, progressive exposures, no-pressure taste tests, and healthy swaps for items like softer, easier to swallow bread are all simple ways to expand your child's interest and improve their openness to unfamiliar "learning it" foods! 

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