The Last #loveitlikeitlearningit Lunchbox of the School Year


With many lunch ideas shared this school year, today is the last #loveitlikeitlearningit toddler lunch for us. See what is to come for the summer!

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: blueberries, grapes, sprinkles (because, it's officially summer!)

LIKE IT FOODS: yogurt, strawberries, whole wheat tortilla + cheese roll-up

LEARNING IT: BItsy's Brainfood letter crackers, roasted chickpeas

The Last #loveitlikeitlearningit Toddler Lunch of the School Year

Time to PLAY! Summer time is here to stay

It is hard to believe that last September, I started packing these little lunchboxes with an audience of one: my then 20 month old daughter. Now, it is the end of the school year and I am overwhelmed reflecting on all that's changed since then.

From the major milestones of her becoming a big sister and potty training, to the simple yet sweet serenades of her learning to spell her own name and singing so many new songs, it is amazing to see how much she has changed since the start of the school year.

As a pediatric dietitian turned SAHM, I have made a lot of lunches. I have learned a lot about feeding my little in the process. In both, I have loved sharing the journey with you! But as the school year ends, our #loveitlikeitlearningit toddler lunch series will also take a summer break.

Thank you for coming alongside us this school year and becoming a part of who I think about when I pack these school lunches. I hope you will continue to follow along for all that is to come this summer!

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