Infantino Squeeze Pouch System Review

Features of Infantino Squeeze Pouch System

If you are tired of paying a premium for those beloved toddler squeeze pouches, consider how this product could help you save some serious cash. With the convenience of disposable pouches and the more cost-effective nature of self-creating your kid's favorite combos, the Infantino Squeeze System yields healthy, inexpensive grab and go snack options for any-aged child all-year!

The Infantino Squeeze System comes complete with the squeeze station, necessary filling tubes, press, and disposable squeeze pouches. The system allows you to fill each BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free pouch with up to 4-oz. of purees that can be refrigerated for immediate use (within 48 hours) or frozen (recommended use within one month). In between filling different purees combos, the system is easy to rinse out and reuse so that you can make a big batch of squeeze pouches with a variety of flavors. Afterwards, the Infantino Squeeze System can be washed completely on the top rack of the dishwasher. Please note from personal experience: do NOT attempt to sanitize the Infantino Squeeze System tubes as they will melt.

The Infantino Squeeze System comes with 10 disposable squeeze pouches to get you started, but extra pouches may be purchased separately. I tend to always have several spare pouches on hand so that I can make about a month's worth or so at a time.

Target Market for Infantino Squeeze Pouch System 

For families of kids aged infant through adolescent who have a use for convenient, healthy grab and go snacks.

The Main Benefit of the Infantino Squeeze Pouch System

My daughter started refusing all pureed baby food by around nine months of age. While this shifted us to using more of a baby-led weaning approach to feeding her, it also meant we went awhile without her showing any interest in purees. Right around when she turned one, our daughter saw a fellow toddler friend eating a squeeze pouch and immediately took to the novel, squeezable snack. By this age, she was developmentally able to understand the squeeze-and-suck function better than when she had previously when pouches had been offered to her at an earlier age. From that playdate on, she LOVED squeeze pouches anytime they were offered.

Unfortunately, I felt they were slightly cost-prohibitive. While I do value investing a considerable part of our budget to healthy eating, spending $1-2.50 per pouch felt a bit too expensive for my taste. I looked into different DIY options and found the Infantino Squeeze System to be the one that best suited our needs. We began experimenting with different flavor combinations for the squeeze pouches and have since been pleased with an unlimited number of options that meet my daughter's taste preferences and nutritional needs. Having these be a more affordable option while still accommodating her love for squeeze pouches has made the Infantino Squeeze System a kitchen item I would undoubtedly reinvest in if doing it again.

Practical Details of the Infantino Squeeze Pouch System

Price for the Infantino Squeeze System: $16-25 (depending on where you purchase)

Price for the Infantino Squeeze Pouch (50 refills): $11-15 (depending on where you purchase)

Where to PurchaseAmazon or Infantino

Pros and Cons for the Infantino Squeeze System and Disposable Pouches


  • More cost-efficient than store-bought alternatives
  • Easy to create fillings and clean squeeze system
  • Completely leak proof (when filled appropriately for pouch's max capacity)
  • Endless flavor combinations to both fit and expand your child(ren)’s preferences
  • Boosts nutritional density with the ability to maximize the amount of healthy ingredients in each pouch


  • An unfavorable suction is created while removing the press from the tube after the ingredients have been put into the pouch. This pulls pouch ingredients back out into the tube in a way that difficult to reverse.
  • The system is required to fill the pouches. For families who intend to fill only one or two pouches at a time, the process of using this system may be too cumbersome compared to easier-to-fill alternatives.

Alternatives to the Infantino Squeeze System and Disposable Pouches

Our family has not personally used any of the alternatives; however, I hope we get to in the upcoming year as each seems to be a solid product and reusable squeeze pouch alternative. Each option boasts that one reusable pouch keeps an estimated 300 pouches out of the landfill (based on ~50 uses per pouch). Each alternative can be filled through the resealable zipper opening, or the Little Green Pouch and Squooshi alternatives also have optional filling systems available. The easy to clean design of all the alternative pouches is created by limiting tough to clean corners and making all of the alternatives dishwasher safe (top-rack). For squeeze pouch combinations that don't come out looking as pretty as they taste yummy, these alternative pouches offer the advantage of non-transparent designs with kid-friendly patterns. Many of the options listed also come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3.4 oz to 7 oz per pouch.

All of the alternatives listed below have included on the Vegetable and Virtue 2015 Christmas wish list!

  • Little Mashies - $26 for 10 pack
  • Little Green Pouch  - $17 per 6-pack
  • Nature’s Little Squeeze - $17 per 6-pack
  • Squooshi - $20 per 8-pack

My Final  Opinion about the Infantino Squeeze System and Disposable Pouches

Overall, I am happy with our Infantino Squeeze System and Disposable Pouches. The Infantino Squeeze System has saved us a lot of money on store-bought alternatives and given us an expanded opportunity to create new flavors and more nutrient dense combinations. I can't say that I am completely sold on the overall system though due to the annoyance of the suction that occurs while filling the squeeze pouches and strong reusable alternatives available and cost of continually purchasing more disposable pouches.

Based on how many pouches my daughter goes through alone though (while also expecting our next daughter/young eater in 2016!), I plan to introduce more reusable squeeze pouches in the upcoming year. I am curious how filling fewer reusable pouches at a time compares to my previous method of preparing several disposable squeeze pouches in advance using the Infantino Squeeze System and Disposable Pouches and then freezing them. Also, I would like to personally test how leak-proof the zipper seal is on the alternatives as some reviews argue this is a flaw to the reusable alternatives.



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