Healthy Easter Egg Fillers


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: strawberries, blueberries, cheese

LIKE IT FOODS: coconut chia muffin (the first muffin she has EVER been willing to eat!)

LEARNING IT: raisins (in purple egg), edamame (in green egg), carrots (cooked al dente)

Healthy Easter Egg Fillers

A little spring chicken and Easter love in today's lunchbox! Remember there are several ways to celebrate the holiday weekend with fun, festive foods that aren't artificially colored or coated in sugar. Have fun filling Easter eggs with healthy, age-appropriate finger foods instead of others like hard candies that your young kids could choke on. This will make you feel more at ease about their health and safety, while benefiting them in the big picture with less sugar and yet foods worth hunting for!

Here are some of our favorite healthy Easter egg fillers:

Animal cookies like Barbara’s Snackimals

Annie's all-natural bunny crackers (several varieties to create different options)

Cheerios or other favorite whole grain cereals

Raisins or dried cranberries

Pitted dates

Dehydrated fruit (my daughter's favorite is the mangoes from Trader Joe's!)


Grapes (cut depending on age)



Yogurt melts

There are SO many other options for non-candy alternatives too, so don't forget about stickers, small bubbles, written out Bible verses, small Safari Toob figures, bouncy balls, hair clips, fun bandaids, and other age-appropriate faves!

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