Fueled for Learning

Fueled for Learning

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: yogurt gummies, strawberries+blueberries, cheese

LIKE IT FOODS: organic edamame, alphabet pretzels (because seriously - these are too cute!)

LEARNING IT: baked sweet potato cubes

Fueled for Learning

My daughter won't eat any sandwich, wrap, quesadilla, or combination dishes, so you may notice how her lunches tend to stay pretty simple and sweet. I used to send these "main course items" as learning it foods, but it left her hungry and honestly - it was a lot of effort and food waste for something she wouldn't touch. I'm all for repeated food exposure ESPECIALLY of "learning it foods," but also I recognize the need to send adequate energy to school so she is fueled for learning!

Know how far to stretch your kids when it comes to sending unfamiliar foods in school lunches - for their sake and their teachers! Instead, save "learning it" main course items for meals at home when you can work out a Division of Responsibility in Feeding while ensuring adequate nutrition at meals and snacks.

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