Food Exposures that Work

food exposures that work

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: macaroni+cheese, blueberries+raspberries

LIKE IT FOODS: hummus, pretzel crackers

LEARNING IT FOODS: raisins, locally grown carrots

Food Exposures that Work

This past week, my daughter tried raisins on a play date when her little BFF brought an extra box. She devoured a bowl of hummus with pretzel chips after seeing my husband snack on this duo. She took a bite of a carrot at the farmers market when she saw me crunching away on them. So my point in sharing all this?

No pressure, repeated exposure, subtle role modeling works!

We never know when what we do will create in our kids an independent interest and self-initiated willingness to try something new. We must just continue to expose them! For when our kids see us eat a variety of foods and authentically enjoy them (without trying to talk them up as "healthy" or push a polite bite), they not only grow more comfortable with "learning it foods," but also more curious to explore and eat it on their own!

Use social situations to further your child's experiences with exposure to new foods. Other kids their age eating such foods is a great opportunity to reintroduce them to such foods. Peer pressure can work for good, when used properly!

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