Fine Motor Activities at Meal Time

fine motor activities at meal time

It is simple to add fine motor activities to meal time with your toddler. See how this lunch encourages fine motor development with food.

Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: blueberries, cara cara oranges pieces

LIKE IT FOODS: edamame, cheese stick

LEARNING IT: Nature Valley granola bar, cucumber slices

More on Fine Motor Activities at Meal Time

We all know to focus on "finger foods" when our infant begins to tolerate table foods. Placing small pieces of food before infants is a well-known way to improve their pincer grasp. How soon after they achieve that milestone though, do we forget about the ongoing opportunities to develop fine motor activities at meal time?

From learning to control the popping of edamame seeds out of their shells to peeling that pesky white peel off of oranges that kids seem to hate, there are so many simple, built-in activities for building up your child(ren)'s fine motor skills at meal times. Think about which tasks you often take care of for your kiddo, then reconsider which ones may actually be both safe and age-appropriate for them to problem solve themselves. Here are some of our other favorites for fine-motor activities with food:

Peeling their own banana

Twisting leafy tops off of strawberries

Husking corn on the cob

Separating muffin liners

Plucking grapes off of the bunch

These may seem like small ways to engage our children. But with each, we empower them to gain independence and improve their coordination. Take advantage of the kitchen being your classroom!

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