Energy Bites

Does it surprise you that your body requires more calories after pregnancy to breastfeed than it did during pregnancy?

It's like the extra room left after a precious 7-ish pound baby has arrived then becomes a bottomless pit.

Thank you, breastfeeding.

After our first daughter was born, it seemed like I could never find a second with a spare hand to make, let alone eat, something of any substance. At the time, I was always reaching for LARA Bars and trail mix to hold me over until that glorious 20-minute stint when she may sleep. If I decided to shower though instead of eat, I found myself yet again hungry, holding my baby girl, and yet without the hands to prepare a plate.

What I wanted was a balanced combination of protein, carbs, and fat. What I needed was all that bundled up with a bow.

Welcome, energy bites.

You have become my most best discovery since our second daughter was born. Thanks to this year's birthday present, you have become a weekly reality that saves me again, and again, and again from becoming hangry.

You are easy to handle. To eat-with-one-hand. To grab when my stomach is growling. Even my two year old adores you.

I hope so many others will soon too!




Lemon Blueberry Energy Bites

Lemon Blueberry

cherry orange walnut energy bites

Cherry Orange Walnut

pecan coconut energy bites

Pecan Coconut