Easy Protein Option


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: mango, cherry yogurt gummies

LIKE IT FOODS: grapes (cut), letter pretzels

LEARNING IT: chicken drumstick, quinoa Greek salad

Easy Protein Option

A lunch packing tip I've picked up is roasting a whole chicken at the start to each week (or buying a rotisserie one!) and cutting it up for all of our lunches. It is such an easy protein option for lunch!

We may have it one night during the week for dinner too, but it makes for several easy and inexpensive lunches as well. I take the skin off for all of us, especially our daughter's to make it easier to chew. Additionally, the dark meat tends to be more tender for young teeth. The higher fat content of these dark-meat cuts tends to appeal to young eater's taste preferences better too!

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