Easy Mac Made Even Easier


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: mac+cheese, watermelon, yogurt gummies

LIKE IT FOODS: edamame

LEARNING IT: bell pepper rings, avocado in balsamic dressing

Easy Mac Made Even Easier 

My daughter is your typical toddler. She would eat mac+cheese at every meal if we let her. So instead of defaulting to the highly processed (and yet more expensive!) "easy mac" options at the store, we recruited my brother @chef_vaga to help make this homemade macaroni during his last visit.

He is a professionally trained chef who makes a mean homemade mac+cheese. It was such a treat to watch him incorporate natural ingredients like whole-wheat noodles and real cheese into a quicker, more wholesome alternative for us to have on hand. Whether you have a chef in the family or not, I would encourage any family to prep a large batch of their favorite mac and cheese recipe in advance. Flash-freeze individual portions into silicone muffin tins, and you will have a homemade, more natural "easy mac" made even easier! This way can be reheated in less time than the store-bought options, since it is fully cooked in advance.

While you get working on that, I will try to get my brother to write down his beloved recipe!

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