Delegating Lunch Packing Duties


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: cheese letters, grapes, turkey roll-up

LIKE IT FOODS: LARA bars, hummus, crackers

LEARNING IT FOODS: red pepper hearts, spinach leaves, dried cranberries

Delegating Lunch Packing Duties

This is my final lunchbox before Claire's baby sister is born. That means I will likely be taking a week or two off from lunch packing to love on and feed our newest family member. Delegating lunch packing duties to my husband or parents is a big one for me, since this is something I truly love doing. But knowing that I won't have a whole lot of extra time, energy, and hands free in the upcoming weeks, packing Claire's lunch will be something they can easily help me with doing on school days. To help streamline the process a bit for them (while too satisfying the OCD in me), I created a How to Pack a Lunch for Preschool printable to put up in our kitchen. It is a simple cheat sheet to help them think through options of what to send.

By printing your own copy of this printable, I hope it will serve as a great resource for you too. Feel free to share it with your families and/or any added hands you may have helping in this area of delegating lunch packing duties as well!

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