Dealing with Repeated Food Requests


Today’s Lunch

LOVE IT FOODS: strawberries, peas, homemade high-protein waffle squares

LIKE IT FOODS: local cheese,@BitsyBrainFood letter crackers 


Dealing with Repeated Food Requests

My daughter has been asking for waffles at almost every meal lately, which is one of the many reasons why I'm hooked on this healthy, high-protein option. We don't let her eat them at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner of course, but I do love how I can make them ahead of time and keep them on hand all week for various snacks or meals. 

When your child has a food they are hooked on and requesting at every meal, how do you handle it?

Responding with recognition of their request is one of the best first steps. Tell them, "I understand how much you love ___________." This validates their age-appropriate obsession with ___________ food.

Next, share with them when the next time they may be able to have ___________ will be. This helps them rest assured they will get to have this food again at a given time in the near future.

If your child seems to be overly upset with how you are implementing your Division of Responsibility in Feeding (ie. not feeding them ___________ at every meal!), follow up with remarks like, "I wish we could have ___________ every day! Our bodies need lots of different foods to grow though, so we can have ___________ again this weekend/tomorrow/the next time we ..."

Children know the art of pushing boundaries, negotiating, and whining until we cave. Try these simple sayings to better deal with repeated food requests.

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